Like most young women, Annette wants to have a home of her own and live independently. Her intellectual disability has made this a more challenging goal. Annette has been cared for most of her life by her parents and when her parents passed away a decade ago her aunt became her carer. Unfortunately, she is now elderly and unable to continue in this role.  As a result, Annette moved into transitional housing to develop her independent living skills. She is now very keen to be able to live not only independently but to also to purchase a home of her own. Her family are concerned about her ability to do this and as a result conflict has arisen between her family members.

Annette came to Leadership Plus to seek advocacy support. Through conversations with an advocate and some research into her case, it was found that Annette was able to financially support herself to purchase a property. An Occupational Therapy assessment found that with appropriate services put in place, Annette could live safely on her own with minimal assistance and maintain her overall wellbeing.

Annette and her advocate from Leadership Plus developed and implemented a plan to help Annette achieve her goal to live more independently.  Annette wanted to continue the constructive relationship with her family but was afraid to stand up for herself. Advocacy supported Annette to explore and better understand her accommodation options and rights.


An Exciting Outcome for Annette

A meeting held with Annette, her guardian and case manager discussed the assessment findings and the possibilities for Annette and her future. This collaborative conversation enabled Annette to decide that that she had the capacity to live independently with appropriate supports in place.  Now a discussion with Annette’s financial administrator, her cousin, is to take place to progress the purchase of a home for her. An exciting next chapter for Annette awaits.