March 9, 2018

How market-ready is the NDIS?

The Federal Parliament Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme is conducting an inquiry into the market readiness of the NDIS, and is due to report in August 2018.

Terms of Reference

As part of the committee’s role to inquire into the implementation, performance and governance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the committee will inquire into and report on market readiness for provision of services under the NDIS, with particular reference to:

  • the transition to a market based system for service providers;
  • participant readiness to navigate new markets;
  • the development of the disability workforce to support the emerging market;
  • the impact of pricing on the development of the market;
  • the role of the NDIA as a market steward;
  • market intervention options to address thin markets, including in remote Indigenous communities;
  • the provision of housing options for people with disability, with particular reference to the impact of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) supports on the disability housing market;
  • the impact of the Quality and Safeguarding Framework on the development of the market;
  • provider of last resort arrangements, including for crisis accommodation; and
  • any other related matters.

Leadership Plus is particularly concerned that:

  • provider of last resort services are clarified and made public – addressing the situation we find where some clients with NDIS funding are unable to find suitable providers, particularly those with complex needs;
  • crisis services are made more readily available and better promoted – to deal with situations where potential participants need support more quickly than the NDIS process allows;
  • NDIS strengthens its stewardship and oversight roles – to protect participants who are exposed to poor commerical practices by some providers
  • the Quality and Safeguarding steps are implemented quickly and promoted effectively – to protect participants from the failures in service provision and professionalism of some providers

Read the Leadership Plus submission  and see all the submissions for more information.