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Workplace accessibility

How accessible is your workplace for people with disability?

Leadership Plus runs access audits, and develops disability action plans and took kits to help make workplaces more disability accessible and inclusive.

This is often the first step in a diversity inclusion journey– a great place to start thinking about how inclusive your organisation is.

Access audits
Access audits assess how accessible your organisation is for people with disability. They look at the physical environment, and also things like policies and practices. Our audits are conducted by Australian accredited and qualified access professionals. As well as buildings, we audit outdoor spaces. Findings and recommendations can link with your asset management system requirements and organisational policies.

Access toolkits
We can develop access toolkits, checklists and publications for staff to implement access improvements within organisations.

Disability action plans
Leadership Plus assists organisations to develop effective disability action plans – to provide a framework for appropriately addressing access issues across the whole organisation. We also provide training in relation to disability action plan development, review and updates.


Contact us to arrange an access audit or talk about disability action plans and toolkits.