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The Leadership Plus model

The Leadership Plus model is how we work. An approach to fostering active citizenship – we create pathways and build capacities so marginalised people have increased social and economic opportunities.

We understand diversity – recognising people with a disability or from CALD backgrounds for example will have different experiences, capacities and perspectives. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Vision: active citizenship
Active citizenship means having the opportunity to fully participate, and take leadership roles in social and economic life. Marginalised people can face structural and personal barriers to this – ranging from difficulty finding suitable work, social isolation, limited education opportunities and discrimination.

Approach: innovation

  • Strengths-based
    We focus on the strengths and unique capabilities of the people we work with.
  • Outcome orientated
    Informed by best practice, our programs have tangible outcomes and results. We continually learn from our experiences and collaborations with communities.
  • Contextualised
    There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. All programs are developed with context and cultural appropriateness in mind.
  • Partnerships and collaboration
    We work collaboratively with stakeholders, and in partnerships with business, government and community, in cost-effective and targeted programs.
  • Multiple-entry points
    In recognition of the different capacities of the people we work with, we offer different entry points, from entry-level computer literacy training to high-level leadership development for example.
  • Advocacy
    We advocate for the most vulnerable people to have a voice and be heard, offering them opportunities to develop their capacities.

Outcomes: social cohesion and economic sustainability
We build capacity and leadership skills –working closely with government, business and community–for social cohesion and economic sustainability for individuals and communities.

Our approach works, and delivers real results. In our leadership program for people with a disability 40 percent of graduates have gone on to successful employment.


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