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Diversity inclusion

Diversity inclusion embraces and harnesses different perspectives, skills and experiences – due to gender, disability, age, cultural and linguistic background, sexual orientation or religion.

When diversity is included in workplaces, programs and in the community, people feel valued and included. They can become active citizens with more social and financial opportunities to participate.

Your workplace and community is diverse
Diversity exists in visible and non-visible ways. Our communities and workplaces are made up of diverse people who bring with them a host of different perspectives.

The things that make us ‘diverse’ do not make us the same. People living with a disability for example, do not automatically share experiences and identities. Diversity inclusion offers an opportunity to harness these differences productively, while creating conditions for genuine participation in social and financial life.

In your workplace
Research shows that diversity inclusion equals improved business performance. Inclusive workplace culture leverages off your employees and customers unique contribution, skill sets and experiences. Diversity inclusion makes sound business sense, helping to:

  • increase productivity — productivity is hindered when people can’t work to their full capacity, are not engaged and don’t feel valued.
  • attract, retain and engage talent
  • increase, understand and adapt to your customer base
  • enhance reputation and market share
  • promote innovation.

In your community, service or area
Understanding and responding to diversity in the services you run helps to:

  • target and adapt your services and programs to meet community needs
  • unlock the potential and capabilities of marginalised people
  • foster leadership within marginalised people.


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