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CALD communities

We work closely with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities to build capacities and develop leadership skills.

From leadership training for young African Australians to health and wellbeing programs for older people from Turkish communities, our CALD programs use the Leadership Plus model – supporting the creation of active citizens with social and financial opportunities

Links with communities
All of our programs are run in consultation, and then partnership with communities to make sure they reflect their needs and identified outcomes. Our CALD program staff have strong links with the communities we work with and engage beyond the life of our programs, fostering peer support and community networks.

Focus on strengths and pathways
Using our strengths-based model, Leadership Plus CALD programs are delivered in challenging yet supportive environments – harnessing the skills and capacities people already have. We offer multiple pathways and entry points, from non-accredited computer and life skills training to high-level accredited leadership development.

Contextualised and culturally appropriate
We understand that in order to build community capacity and develop leadership potential, programs need to be culturally appropriate and highly contextualised. By adapting our programs to the needs of the people we are working with (including modifying during delivery as needed), we ensure fit for purpose solutions with real results.

For this reason we do not offer ‘off the shelf’ programs, instead developing programs and training to fit unique circumstances and needs.

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