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Who we are

Leadership Plus is an innovator in diversity inclusion – focusing on leadership and capacity building, consultancy, advocacy, training and employment.

Since 1985 we’ve worked to foster active citizenship in marginalised people by partnering with organisations and communities to embrace diversity.

What is active citizenship?
An active citizen has social, cultural and financial opportunities and responsibilities. We work to increase capacities and shift mindsets so marginalised people can participate more fully in Australian life. This benefits both the individual and the community – leading to greater social cohesion and economic sustainability.

What is diversity inclusion?
Diversity inclusion recognises and harnesses the unique experiences, capabilities and perspectives of people – due to gender, sex, disability, age, cultural and linguistic background, sexual orientation and religion. When organisations include diversity they benefit from the unique contribution, skill sets and experiences of their employees, customers and communities. It makes sound business sense too – helping to increase productivity, staff retention, innovation and profit.

Who do we work with?
– business
– not-for-profit and community groups
– government
– marginalised people, including those with a disability, from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, carers and people experiencing mental health issues.


We understand the barriers marginalised people and communities can face – things like difficulty getting jobs, social isolation, living with a disability or poor English skills. Genuine and sustainable change happens when people and communities recognise their own capacities – while getting the right support.

The Leadership plus model
The Leadership Plus model is how we work. It means focusing on the strengths of the people we work with – developing programs that fit their circumstances and backgrounds, with real outcomes.

We offer a unique consultancy service to help organisations and groups harness, understand and include diversity in the work they do.

Collaboration and partnerships
We work collaboratively with communities, business, government and not for profit partners, in cost-effective and best-practice approaches.