February 14, 2019

ABIWise – a new cool app for people with Acquired Brain Injury

Brain Injury Matters have put together a great ABI app with lots of useful information, links and stories.

Made by people with ABI for people with ABI, ABIWise includes lived-experience stories, tips, resources, meditation information and more.   So often people with ABI struggle to find information relevant to their situation – or find too much information for what they need at the time.  ABIWise has been carefully designed by a committed group of people at Brain Injury Matters to allow people to find what they need when they need it.

It has a clear, intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate and a weath of experience that Brain Injury Matters have put into the content, making it an invaluable resource for the ABI community.

ABIWise is available now for Android from Google Play  and for Apple on iTunes

ABIWise will be formally launched on March 15, 2019  – click here to download launch invitation (PDF) and register here on Eventbrite or see BIM Facebook event page